Toy Hauler RVs – What Are They?

During the past few years, a lot of change and advancements have taken place in the RV industry. In the past, there were many RV owners who wanted to ATVs, scooters or motorcycles with them on camping trips, but could not. Instead, they only had the option of adding an extra hitch onto the back of trailer, so that they could bring allow their ‘toys,’ gas and other tools and accessories for the toys. However, pulling along a third trailer is a very dangerous thing to do – thus manufacturers invented the toy hauler RV.

Some years ago, a number of RV manufacturers came up with the idea to design fifth wheels trailers and travel trailers that has built-in garages in the back, so that RV owners would be able to take their motorized toys with them when they travelled across the country. These built-in garage areas are known as toy hauler RVs.

The toy hauler is a unique type of RV that is available in practically every size, ranging from a twenty-three feet small camper to a thirty-nine feet camper that is equipped with fifth wheels, and is also equipped with all the comforts of a home. One such example is the Keystone Raptor, which is equipped with: satellite flat screen televisions, microwave ovens, full kitchens with countertops that have solid surfaces, full bathrooms that have garden tubs and also king-sized beds.

Toy haulers for RVs also come with fold down ramps that make it easy for you to load and unload your various equipment and motorized toys. These ramps are well-built and very sturdy, as they are lined with tie downs and diamond plates. Furthermore, these particular RVs were designed to take you wherever you want to go, while hauling a variety of things. Most of them will also have room for optional built-in generators; as such, you will have no need for hookups, as they are self-contained.

You can purchase a toy hauler that has great amenities. For instance, there are those that are equipped with an air conditioning unit; therefore, you will be able to sleep, cook, relax or even watch a television show or movie in total comfort. While you are enjoying your outdoor adventures, you can still enjoy all the comforts of home.

These haulers are priced comparably with the other types of RVs that are available on the market. When you are shopping for a toy hauler, your choice will be based on the amount of money you have to spend, where you plan on going and what type of motorized toys you want to take with you. Additionally, there are used and new toy haulers for RVs that are suitable for any budget.

RV Toy Hauler

Do not compare toy haulers with the layman’s idea of motorized recreational vehicles.  An RV toy hauler is best defined as an RV that has a ramp door on the back and a cargo space to load other vehicles – in most cases, motorcycles, ATVs, bikes and other toys inside.  The term is heavily associated with other related terms such as fifth wheel, travel trailer, motorhomes, etc. as long as it has that defining characteristic mentioned earlier.  It can be a conventionally looking trailer, only the back cover can be dropped down to resemble a ramp.   It is, in its simplest sense, a movable storage unit.

When it comes to toy hauler RV units, there are three prominent retailers/dealers that you will probably come across with these days.  Keystone, Forest River and Dune Sport specialize in providing the hungry RV market the widest collection of RV units in the form of travel trailers, fifth wheels, destination trailers, hybrid trailers, motorhomes, park models and many more, whether or not motorized or towable in configuration.  Brands such as Cougar, Energy, Fuzion, Laredo, Mountaineer, Raptor, Springdale, Kargaroo, Sprinter and many more are easily accessible from these reputable dealers.

The typical toy hauler setting will include characteristics and qualities such as strong floor decking and wide body construction that is super light in aesthetic design.  The exterior style may vary depending on brand and design but overall, toy hauler units are easy to maintain.

Toy haulers are very useful for those people who have already put their entire lifestyle on the road.  And yet for those people who are still exploring on the idea of RVing, they can also invest on a toy hauler.  The best thing about this particular RV design is that it can work part RV vehicle and part storage room.  Only make sure that you have enough space inside for your needs.

Raptor RV Toy Hauler: Solid and Better-Built Toy Hauler

If you want to make a huge impact coupled with style and convenience, then nothing beats having a Raptor RV Toy Hauler.  One of the most popular brands in toy hauler design, Raptor succeeds in creating a ruggedly designed recreational vehicle that can offer you optimum durability and reliability in mobile living conditions.

There are many strong points to Raptor RV toy haulers, they include the following features.  Firstly they are reliable, durable and made to last forever.

Their stopping power is comfortable and the ride is convenient whatever terrain it covers. Cornering is excellent; RV drivers need not have to be uncomfortable taking a left or right turn with a raptor, handling and steering are both responsive.

You can travel with big toys on board, and this includes travel trailers, motorcycles, motorbikes, and many more.  Expect a lot of amenities and features in Raptor toy hauler RVs that can make your ride comfortable and luxurious.

The beautiful exterior design is very attractive, and gains attention from all those who come across them.  Here are some of the amenities and features that you can expect in a typical toy hauler as design by Raptor.

The interiors are also feature packed. Kitchen essentials include oven with range, stonecast kitchen sink with pull-out faucet sprayer, refrigerator, and solid door cabinets. Entertainment accessories include LCD HDTV, Sony DVD / MP3 player and Sony subwoofer.

Other interior design features include custom sofa seats with soft covers, flooring quality that is crack resistant, slip resistant, stain resistant, and mold and mildew resistant for easy cleaning, and soft lighting features.

Raptor toy haulers are available from various RV rental business centers as well as from RV sales dealers such as Keystone.  Traveling with big toys in tow can never be as easy with a Raptor toy hauler unit.  Part RV and part garage, you’re hitting two birds with one stone on this one.

Keystone RV

RVing is all about freedom, adventure and excitement.  For a vehicle that’s built to provide a unique mobile home setting, comfort and convenience and the idea of complete livability, it’s now easy to understand why people love to RV.  And when you are thinking about getting an RV unit then nothing is more recommended than consulting with the best – Keystone RV.

Keystone RV, with its large collection of recreational units, is touted to be North America’s number one in retail RV sales and in providing the public some of the best units in recreational vehicles.  Keystone will provide you different designs in travel trailers, fifth wheels, light weight, toy haulers and destination trailers all in relatively affordable price ranges.  All sizes and types of towables are available from here too.  There’s a world of RV choices at Keystone so you need not wonder why all RV lovers flock in here together to get the best deals.

Keystone houses lots of motorized RVs and towables from various brands, most of them considered very reliable in the recreational vehicles market.  This includes Alpine, Avalanche, Cougar, Energy, Fuzion, Hornet, Laredo, Montana, Outback, Passport, Premier, and a whole lot more.  All models of recreational vehicles from various brands mentioned above also provide RV service warranty, technical services, repair services, and other customer service concerns via Keystone.

The incredible volume of designs available from this RV retail company can give the consumers more choices when it comes to customization and personalization of their RV units, in the hopes that they can best attune their choices to the kind of mobile living that they envision and wish to have.  So whether or not you’re planning to have a motorized RV unit or a towable one – or even a toyhauler RV – Keystone can provide you a solid range of choices to explore.

Pop Up Campers

When you think about it, pop up campers are nothing more than an innovative upgrade to old school tent camping.  The chief benefit of this technology is that they offer more creature comforts than tent camping.

With a pop camper with you, you can just confidently pack up and explore lots of places, not having to worry about where to sleep, where to cook or how much things could you bring along with you.  Your friends and few family members can also come with you too.

Also known as fold-down camper, camping trailer and tent trailer, the pop up camper is distinct for its mini mobile trailer design that turns tent-trailer by night.  You can easily understand the concept of a pop up camper if you think about the idea of mobile tent in transit.  But unlike the conventional one-man or two-man tent, the pop up camper can accommodate a lot more people, and a lot of amenities and features are provided too.  If you feel like it, you could even live fulltime inside a pop up trailer.

For a relaxing getaway to scenic places and beautiful landscapes, pop up campers can provide you with a comforting haven. Made from hard walls and durable fabric, the pop up camper is easy to set up once you feel like stopping by the side of the road.  Old designs of pop up campers focused more on the functional features like quality of sleeping conditions and technical performance but recent designs of pop up campers are more stylish and convenient, endowed with more features and amenities.

Life onboard on a pop up camper may not be as luxurious as that of mobile homes like Class A motorhomes and Class C motorhomes.  While a lot smaller than a toy hauler RV, you can trust that a pop up camper is efficient and dependable.  Plus living in one is as easy as popping up a tent, and allows you to sleep and rest comfortably.